Data visualisation project to find out interesting insights about the educational background of students who had got admission in IDC's Masters Programme. A wooden plank with colored board pins was used to represent the student's educational data gathered across 10 years (2004-2014) and 5 disciplines in IDC, IIT Bombay. 

Contribution :

  • Ideation & creation of model : by Sitara, Rucha
  • Digital format and Improvements: Sitara

The color of the pin signifies the background; columns on the board represents the discipline the students belongs to and the rows represent the batch the student studied in IDC.

The 5 disciplines are:

  • Industrial Design (ID)
  • Visual Communication (VC) - Started in 2006
  • Animation (AN) - Started in 2006
  • Interaction Design (IN)
  • Mobility Design (MD) - Started in 2010

The 5 categories of their educational background are:

  • Engineers (B. Tech)
  • Architecture (B. Arch)
  • Fine/ Applied Art (B.F.A)
  • Design (B. Des)
  • Others 




Overall insights:

  • There are highest number of Engineers and Architects in Industrial Design
  • There are highest number of students from Design/ Art background in Visual Communication
  • There has been no student from BFA background in Industrial & Mobility design
  • 9 has been the highest number of students in Mobility Design


Specific insights:

  • In 2009, Industrial Design had 19 students, making it the maximum number of students per discipline
  • In 2011, Architects in Visual Communication had reduced to zero by the year 2011
  • First Architect in Mobility design happened to get through the admission in the year 2014
  • 2010 had the least number of engineers and highest number of Architects in Industrial Design







  • Each discipline has 5 columns of dots making it easier to count the number of students in it
  • The dots are further highlighted making understanding data faster
  • The batch and discipline strength is mentioned in this version
  • Percentage of different educational background is mentioned
  • Initial design with a wooden ply with board pins had colored thread connected to same colored pins. But that was scraped due to confusion it created.