Hippo is a baked snack brand of Parle Agro, a sub-brand of Parle - A food and beverage company founded in 1929. Hippo's creative campaigns have always revolved around fighting hunger. The brand has constantly reinstated that hunger is the root cause of evil.

This project was a group assignment to design a campaign to promote World Food Day that will help Hippo's cause of fighting hunger. Hippo urges people to celebrate their craving for hunger, just like how each one of us savors other cravings like bike racing, shopping, gaming, sex, gambling and alcohol. With some research we learned that if given a chance people would love to experiment and push their limits to fulfill their craving for food.

This project explored a range of advertising ideas including digital, print and ambient media along with reminder media and promotional events for promotional events happening on the 15th and 16th October, 16th of Oct being World Food Day.

What is craving? 

An intense desire for something.

Hunger is craving.


Following the idea, the campaign 'PROVE YOUR CRAVING FOR HUNGER' was designed to promote World Food Day.





Bus shelter




Ambient media