My thesis project, ‘Exploration of Mumbai Heritage’ aims to offer information on Mumbai's Heritage sites in a visually appealing way. The diverse architectural styles need to be known and appreciated by the locals. It targets towards the youth and enthusiasts of Mumbai and touches upon the brief history, styles and whereabouts of the heritage structures. It hopes to educate and promote the same through a crowdsourced platform curated by experts. It also attempts to nudge the locals to visit these sites and appreciate its history without holding cultural biases. 

Product - An online platform for people to view information about heritage sites of Mumbai curated by experts. 

View the prototype here : http://mumbaiheritage.sitarashah.com



Mumbai has a total of 591 Heritage sites as per the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. These sites belong to either Grade I, II or III. Below are the designs made for the online platform to view their distributions

Heritage sites of Mumbai grade I and II
Heritage sites of Mumbai



There are various architectural styles these sites belong to. For one to understand, remember and recognise it, generic models of most common styles were designed. The model takes care of the following steps:

Display: Displaying the a generic model of the architectural style.

Highlight: Pointing out the key features on this model.

Revise: Showcasing the above highlighted features on the heritage site

Repeat: Displaying other heritage sites belonging to similar architectural style. 

 Generic model all architectural styles follow

Generic model all architectural styles follow

Below is an example of a Victorian Gothic style architecture. All sites belonging to this style will have information regarding its architecture displayed with the help of a model a generic model like this:


This model is then followed by photographs of the Heritage site with the above features and information about how to reach there:



This tool can let a user read details about the site, look at its architecture, view similar architecture nearby and information about how to get there. The app designed also allows the users to click photographs of sites and submit it to the admin. Here are some mobile screenshots followed by the site's detail page seen on the desktop: